Increasing company revenue

We will create your

unique affiliate program

  • We will increase the number of visits and orders
  • We will reduce the marketing cost of each order
  • We will attract all the key publishers
  • The solution is suitable for: banks, education, e‑commerce, finance, gaming

We will take on all routine tasks

We will prevent fraud when working with the affiliate program

We will prevent fraud when working with the affiliate program

You do not pay a commission for orders received using illegal schemes: cookie stuffing, brand context, and others

Automatic suppression of fraud attempts

We automate payments and document flow

Cooperation with all types of phys. and legal entities

We cooperate with all top publishers from all available industries

Our publishers work in all industries:

Our publishers work in all industries:

Traffic sources for your advertising campaign:

Traffic sources for your advertising campaign:

We work with publishers directly

Our commission is 5%‑10%

Instead of the standard CPA networks commission of 30%

Increasing the number of orders

Orders number increase by 20–30%

Full control and pre-moderation

You decide which publisher to connect to your offer

Publisher's personal account

Detailed statistics with a set of tools for work

We use additional methods to attract traffic

  • We coordinate individual conditions with major publishers
  • We work with personal promo codes
  • We track not only installations but also orders from mobile applications
  • We plan marketing activities for your newsmakers

We will attract bloggers by CPA with attribution by promo codes


The blogger posts a promo code


The buyer makes an order using a promo code


The order is credited to the publisher

We'll launch a referral program

The referral program allows you to attract new customers based on the recommendations of your loyal customers

To participate in your referral program, the user does not need to have a platform or use complex tools

They share a link to your site in social networks or messengers with friends and gets rewarded for it

We offer comfortable connection conditions

We do not charge additional fees for integration, tools for publishers and work to attract them

We will launch your affiliate program in 15 minutes

Signing the contract — payment for purchased orders

Making a partner landing page

Installing a link to the partner program page


There is no Setup Fee

We receive money only for the result expressed in orders

We will provide:

Our customers all over the world

We collaborate with companies worldwide from various sectors: e-commerce, travel, finance, education

Adv.Cake is your guaranteed performance agency